I am Joe Carey and I founded Business Bloomer together with my wife when we both felt the need to teach about aspects such as creating internet or intranet websites considering digital marketing.

Since then, I have been able to work together with over 100 companies in Ireland and the UK.

Great web designers such as Martin Oberhäuser, Roosendaal, and Clément Faydi are recognized in the world for their high experience. They are an inspiration and became my favourites, as they help me provide excellent content in this regard.

At Business Bloomer, I provide information on interface design, the interaction of media such as audio and video, image, text, and SEO.

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Standing out in the web development realm, SEO helps you position your content and others in the first place in search engines. For this, using a set of optimization techniques for web pages, blogs, and e-commerce can help you stand out.

In this blog, you will find articles and advice so that your projects are launched professionally, at the height of the demands and skills of current times. I also include useful content on web and app development, and everything related to SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

Remember, everyone must learn about the use of channels and SEO methods to achieve their goals and analyse their results in real-time.

I started this blog in 2012 when I was on a personal trip and visited a similar blog but my opinion lacked much information. I wanted to do something different and new.

That’s why readers will find all the information they need to start their web developer career successfully on my blog. Every trip would give you a big boost in this world of digital marketing, web design and development.