Web Development – Hackr Plus

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Advance in learning about connectivity and installation of database through the web development course with Hackr Plus. You will learn how to store and retrieve data in programming queries and the MVC program architecture.

How to apply it to the client-server paradigm by handling components like API, JSON, and Javascript to encode specific functions will also be discussed.

HTML or React – Codecademy

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Go further by creating the back end of a web application and mastering the tools developers use such as HTML or React through the Codecademy course. Through the self-guided tutorials, you will learn how to showcase your most worthwhile skills and projects regardless of whether you are just a beginner to web development programming.

Web Development for Beginners – Coursera

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Find a variety of online computing and development courses at Coursera. Learn the basics of computer programming and how to apply the fundamentals of the Python programming language.

No prerequisites are needed, as you just need to know basic math concepts to write your first program.

Traffic and Conversion Summit – San Diego

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More and more marketers are interested in digital marketing. The Traffic and Conversion Summit will show you information from experts who have applied strategic content in their high-level businesses.

Pubcon – Florida

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Learn more effective strategies as a consultant or owner of a marketing agency by attending the Pubcon conference. Develop SEO, PPC, social media, Google Analytics and more strategies through teaching experts in the area of ​​digital marketing.

You can even have personal time with the speaker of your choice to receive personalized guidance on the subject.

SMX Advanced Seattle – Seattle

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Search marketing is positioned as the strongest. SMX Advance Seattle provides an opportunity for the most experienced to learn advanced SEO and SEM tactics. You’ll be allowed to ask questions and answers that will help you succeed as a digital marketing professional. Enjoy the interaction with professional people who will help you and inspire you in your professional growth.