3 Basic Web Design Tips

Web design is subject to people’s opinions and tastes because what is beautiful for one is horrible for others. If we want to get people’s attention, we must maintain a design that captivate, and science have the answer to that. Let us leave our opinions on what we find good or not in the design of our website

Let’s be more effective based on studies already done on the human mind to captivate attention. Here are three tips to help you be precise in your design.

Speed above Design

Featured image 3 Basic Web Design Tips Speed above Design - 3 Basic Web Design Tips

Without loading speed, people will not be able to see how wonderful the design is. Research has shown that customers do not remain on a website if it takes a long time to load its content. Please keep this in mind before moving forward.

Stay On the Web

Featured image 3 Basic Web Design Tips Stay On the Web - 3 Basic Web Design Tips

Keep in mind the first impression is the one that counts. Do not show everything on the first page, use powerful keywords and highlight the benefits that your website offers than directing users to other tabs or pages within your website.

Use audio-visual media and key images to captivate the creative side of your customers.

Simple Is Good

Featured image 3 Basic Web Design Tips Simple Is Good - 3 Basic Web Design Tips

The more options, the more time it will take you in making decisions. This is one of the fundamental UX laws, also called Hick’s law. Showing a lot of content or many images that bombards users will make those who visit your website unlikely to return.

Keep everything simple and try to prioritize your goals on each page of your website. Recently, a Google study showed that netizens prefer simplicity when they enter a website. This makes them feel comfortable visually and avoids mental effort to find the options that lead them to their destination. Consider these three tips and you will notice the difference in terms of visits to your site.